Dear jury member of whatever price, residency or art thing I applied to this time, I swear this website will be clean and finished soon.

Phew, this website is still pretty half-assed.
You know it
I know it
Would love to put my energy and time back into it but currently my schedule is packed af.
No time to spare.
Gotta work, gotta hustle because boy needs to eat.
2bad4my artistic work.
Thanks to all stipends and foundations who thought not funding me was a good idea.
You know who your are.
Hard feelings aside I see this little floaty disclaimer as a proof that my ambitions have not died yet.
I suggest you visit this website daily so you will be one of the first to witness me getting back on track
The track to become the number one artist that is.
I'm coming for you Gerhard or whoever is the current number one.

All the best

your boy